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The Crusader




INTRODUCING The Crusader, which is the only all-inclusive watch using magnetic technology to tell time. This is more than just a watch, it's a conversational timepiece. Designed not just for sight but touch also, this timepiece helps those in meetings, movies or visually impaired to tell time. For a limited time, this watch is on sale with 50% OFF.

The Finer Details: 

- Materials: Stainless Steel Dial, Nylon Leather Strap

- How To Tell Time: Inner Circle - Minute Hand, Outer Circle - Hour Hand

- Dimensions: Dial Size - 40mm, Strap - 20mm

- Warranty: Every purchase comes with a 5-year warranty. 

- Worldwide Shipping: We ship to EVERY country in the world for FREE and can ship the watch straight to your door! 

Note: Our timepieces are proprietary designs and are engineered with amazing craftsmanship. Beware of low quality knock offs on other sites, we cannot assist you as we are the original creators of this product!

Get 50% OFF for a limited time ONLY!


With every watch you purchase, Elevance Watches will give a new pair of reading glasses to someone in need. One for One!